New Opening Milano:
Create • Contaminate • Connect

Edea, per sviluppare al meglio la propria attività, sceglie di promuovere l’innovazione digitale e la cultura del networking all’interno di un ultramoderno business center votato a promuovere creatività, condivisione e conoscenza. In concomitanza all’apertura di Copernico crescono gli entusiasmi, i consensi e le aspettative per la nascita di un’ emancipata community di innovatori digitali, di stimolo alla produttività… e a nuove conquiste nel futuro della comunicazione!
E’ in questo evoluto Digital District, destinato a essere un incubatore di nuove idee, iniziative e soluzioni di business, che EDEA ha aperto una nuova sede, per vivere da protagonista un’esperienza lavorativa totalmente rivoluzionaria.
Siamo lieti di darvi il benvenuto in questa nuova piattaforma di comunicazione: un ecosistema di lavoro in cui incoraggiare creatività, progetti e nuove occasioni di incontro. Il business con Edea è tutto da vivere! Vi aspettiamo.

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about us

EDEA Factory

We are a last-generation marketing and communication agency. EDEA offers its clients high added-value services, from graphics to activities for the retail sector, all the way to cutting-edge web solutions, blending together traditional tools and very advanced ones. Technology is no longer just a tool, but an active part of communication processes.

Keys strength

Creativity • Expertise • Experience • Reliability
We believe in our clients and in their business.
Their satisfaction is our success!
What distinguishes us? “Side thinking”, because we are visionaries looking for challenges, and when a mission is impossible we like it even more. “It’s not by chance that we can turn pumpkins into carriages!”


We strongly believe in team work – each of us plays a crucial role within the agency. We are communication professionals that work together at all times:
this is why we are a winning team.
Our game pattern? Who, What, Where and When!
“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championship!”

"Ducks lay eggs discreetly, on the other hand a chicken makes noise so the whole estate can hear.
What is the result? The whole world eats chicken eggs"
Henry Ford

Marketing & Communication


Conception and creation of the name and the logo of a company, a product or a service. Originality, meaning, style and versatility: these are must-have features for a logo.


Working with words. Communicating effectively also means using the right words. Copywriting aimed at promoting products, services, projects, articles, and a lot more.


A pre-condition to stand out among competitors and firmly establish one's presence on the market. Corporate Identity must independently convey the Company’s values. Conception and creation of the Company’s coordinate image.


Conception and development of visual, corporate and product communication tools targeted at consumers.


Conveying promotional messages and concepts: objective analysis, media selection, target identification, budget management and negotiations with dealers, campaign and report quality control.


Effective Brand Management increases sales by making the product more attractive! Conception and implementation of marketing techniques aimed at promoting a specific product or service, or specific product lines.


Promote your brand through commercials tailor-made to your communication needs. Creation and production of audio and video commercials for all digital and non-digital, TV, Radio and Web applications.


Leafleting and door-to-door delivery across Italy thanks to a far-reaching network. Distribution plan analysis, survey of potential customers/user groups, daily activity report.


Organization, planning and implementation of online and offline advertising campaigns across Italy, through targeted strategies aiming to the reference target and at increasing the value of the brand.


Newsletters and DEM, text messages, coupons, audio/video commercials for TV and WebTV, magazines and house organs, telemarketing, direct mailing.


All those activities using the web for business purposes. A good web marketing strategy always uses Social Media Marketing. Social networks, communities, web platforms, sharing, and many more tools to promote your brand at best!


Innovate the way you communicate using your dedicated WebTV! What can you do? Digital Display, Touch, Training, Digital Radio and much more…

“Creativity is infectious. Spread it!"


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“Advertising is just a tool to move products
faster from supermarket shelves into people’s shopping bags."
Gavino Sanna



We specialise in communication and marketing for companies operating in the Mass Distribution sector. EDEA consists of sector professionals that share their knowledge and experience to find the best possible solutions to support these companies. We manage advertising campaigns taking care of graphics, printing, in-store and out-store, online and offline communication, all the way to the point of sale set-up/furnishing and image.

Targeted communication

It is vital to harmonise at best creativity, traditional communication strategies, and modern technologies, so as to ensure a distinctive, effective in-store and out-store communication, because we know how important it is to have a direct impact on consumers.

Point of sale design and setup

Stores, stands, and locations boasting a strong personality and unique style! EDEA ‘dresses up’ your shop to reflect your brand's personality and depending on your reference target - because emotions play a key role in consumers' purchasing behaviours. The point of sale is a multi-sensory space where purchases can be turned into something more, like pure relaxation and entertainment.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.
It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”
C. Darwin

Web Solutions


An online showcase for your business! Conception and creation of professional websites, capable of meeting any possible needs and including Search Engine Optimization.


Responsive Design: one single website that can be perfectly displayed on all kinds of devices (smartphones, tablets and desktop computers). All our websites include Search Engine Optimization.


A web-based customised multimedia solutions that can be easily accessed from the web, with no need to use traditional proprietary applications.




Your Company will be Smartphone- and Tablet-proof: take your business into an APP to reach your target users fast and easy.
EDEA is an


Your online shop to do business on the web! EDEA designs and develops last-generation e-commerce solutions tailor-made to your business. We develop contents, promote online sales, guarantee safe payment, increase the number of accesses to your website and the related number of purchases, offer full assistance, monitor activities, and improve your visibility on the web.


We invest in technological development and firmly believe in technology because we think technology is not an ancillary tool, but the starting point to improve one’s image and increase one’s business.




Ideas become reality


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